Oct 3, 2022Liked by Alan Dowty

Hi Alan,

Oh this is just so sad. Watching the devolution of the democracy in our country. But for some reason, I still have prickles of hope that things will get better. I must be at heart an optimist. Send postcards to voters in PA and crossing my fingers people can vote and their votes will be counted.

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As I understand it, the Electoral Count reform bill being considered in Congress will go a long way toward restricting the ability of states to disregard election results and appoint their own electors, and of Congress and the Vice President to reject states' electoral slates willy-nilly. It's certainly not a panacea for Republican election-rigging but it would help considerably.

Like Susan, I'm doing all I can to push the midterms in the direction of candidates who support democracy. Here in southern California, I'm canvassing and phonebanking each week for Christy Smith in northern LA County, and also phonebanking most weeks for Jay Chen in Orange County.

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More power both to you and to Susan for doing what you can. The bill in Congress will help but in the end only grassroots activity will defeat those trying to corrupt elections at the lower level.

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